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The Story: Ralph Swain started running in 1976 at age 42, one year after he stopped smoking and gained weight. Supported by his wife "Queenie" throughout his racing career, they have been models of Faith and Love and together have always supported LIFE! This Race is in honor of their tireless commitments to God and Family. Proceeds will go to future families through the Women’s Choice Network, a group who works to prevent the lost lives of the unborn and support the lives saved.

Background on Ralph Swain – Runner, Marathoner, Ultra-marathoner, Hiker,
Senior Olympic Medalist (Triathlon - Gold and Silver)


Background on "Queenie" - Besides supporting Ralph’s running habit for over 30 years, Dorothy Swain maintains the home-front as he logs in miles on roads, trails, and even pools. Queenie also stands by her man by serving up high-carb meals when needed, acquiring her massage therapy license to aid his sore muscles, providing much needed snacks at stops along raceways, while cheering him on throughout and always giving him that finish line kiss!

The Benefactor: Women’s Choice Network – A pregnancy help center with five offices in the Pittsburgh area, the group provides “free and confidential resources to women and men with questions about pregnancy, abortion, sexually transmitted diseases and related issues.”     From educating students and parents about the risks involved with pre-marital sex, to aiding expectant mothers and fathers with unplanned pregnancies, to counseling women suffering from past abortions, the Women’s Choice Network works hard to serve as a support for women, men, and the unborn through many stages of life.

Note: This group is completely privately funded - they receive no government assistance. For more information visit their website:

The Organizers: Ralph and Dorothy’s five appreciative adult children. Rebecca, Kathy, Ralph, Jenna, and Christopher. (Along with their own families.)

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Contact:  info@RaceforLoveandLife.com